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The Kamloops Line - N Scale Railroad

by Larry Jones         Plus additional featured trains



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    When first I saw the CN coal trains headed west on the line at the north side of Kamloops Lake, near Savona, BC, I knew this would be the subject of for a model railroad I would someday build. I was transfixed by this amazing scene across the lake. Where is my camera, where are my binoculars? I thought. Well, they were in the car with our suitcases.
      We had just arrived in Savona to stay at the Lakeside Country Inn, a charming B&B, for a few days before moving on to Kamloops for a family wedding and then to Roche Lake Resort for a family gathering.
      Soon afterward, we felt the rumble and the deep down vibrations of a passing train. It was one of the CP freights hauling up-grade only a hundred feet away from where we stood - just through the trees on the other side of the road.
      We met with our hosts and registered for our stay. Margaret and Donn are the owners of this charming Inn with its beautifully landscaped grounds and a lush lawn that slopes gently to the lake. "I hope you don't mind trains," Margaret said. "They do make the rooms shake a little at night.
      Margaret gave us a room at the back where she said we would not hear the trains as much. As it turns out we could not have had a better room. The balcony not only gave us a wonderful view of the lawn, the garden and the lake, but from there we could see the CN trains hauling up and down the line on the north side of Kamloops lake. We certainly did hear the CP trains as they rumbled through several times each night. Somehow it was quite enjoyable though, and we didn't lose much sleep.

    Continued on Inspiration page.

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