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N scale railroad

Scenery did not get built on this version.


Original Track Plan

With turn-out assignments marked.

      The Kamloops Line is an imaginary railroad. The first version of my N scale layout was built as an experiment in the corner of a spare bedroom. I did not know if I would like N scale. The framework is mostly 1"X4" Fir. The legs measure 2-3/4" X 2" X 32" making the layout just about 36" high. This would suit our Grand Kids perfectly. The layout then is 8' long, 36" high and 32" wide with a "L" at the west end which runs 4' from the back corner.
      My intention was not to build my railroad prototypical of the CN and CP lines near Savona, BC and Kamloops Lake or to actually model the area. Rather, I chose to let my imagination flow, using the fond memories of the area as a basis on which to build my railroad.
      I wanted all the railroad features as I saw them in reality, like, CN and CP coal trains and long freights, a "VIA Rail Canada" passenger train, and "the Canadian" CP passenger train.
      Also, I would use some RR equipment from the past few decades.


L's railroad layout


West side toward Fraser River Canyon

      I had some ideas for a track plan. Also, studied a few books to make sure I had things right--I would be using DCC for the first time. There were criteria which I felt had to be met. My railroad would be an East/West line of CN and CP Rail. Kamloops Lake, the Thompson River and mountains would be a part of the scenery. I wanted two circles of track so two trains could run without interferance, and a reversing loop accessable from both directions. The reversing loop operates with an MRC auto reverse loop module.
      I bought two N scale trains (with Santa Fe F7A and NJ Transit F40PH locos) with track and power packs at auction, and set them up on the kitchen table to see how they would run. They were not in good condition but did give me some feel for the N scale size and how they might work for me. This stuff seemed awfully small compared to HO guage but I thought it would work better considering the space I had available. I bought new track and turnouts (Atlas code 80), new locos and rail cars, and the Atlas Commander DCC controller and some Digitrax decoders. I was on my way.


Looking toward the North


East side toward the Rocky Mountains

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VIA Rail F40PH locomotives pulling passenger train "The Ocean" heading out of my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada