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Märklin Railroad

West section HO scale with catenary power

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Märklin Railroad

Center section

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Märklin Railroad

East section with grades

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      My Märklin railroad was a very special gift. I received it indirectly from a man who purchased it in Germany. He was a civil Engineer with the Army and had brought the layout home to the US after his retirement. He lived in a smaller home and had already changed to Märklin N guage.
      I rebuilt the railroad in a small guest house--with much the same track plan as the original layout. As I worked with it over the years I never ceased to be amazed at how special this collection was.


The heavy 2-10-2 passenger locomotive of the German Federal Railway


Märklin Layout

With Control Center

      Operation of these trains on the AC voltage was similar to the Lionel trains that we had in the 1950s. To change direction you would push down momentarily on the speed control lever. This sent a 20 volt pulse to energize a latching relay in the locomotive. The relay switched from the forward field winding to the reverse field winding which made the motor change the direction of rotation. I prefered to have a smoother transition in direction control and improved slow speed startup.
      I replaced the locomotive relays with diodes (this made the AC motors run on DC) and build transistor DC controllers. These controllers also had a pulsed DC feature that gave the Märklin locomotives really great slow speed performance, as well as smooth full speed operation.
      The locomotive lighting was also changed from 12 volt bulbs to 1.5 volt. The low voltage bulbs operated from the voltage drop across two diodes wired in parallel with the bulb. This gave me a constant brightness in the lighting through all speed ranges. Lighting in the passenger cars was also set up this way.


Märklin Control Center

With DC solid state controllers, Turnout switches, Track plan with block control and Sound system

      Below are some pictures of this original Märklin railroad layout as it was built in Germany by the first owner. It took all of a spare bedroom and was operated with two AC power controllers, one for the center track rail and one for the catenary. All together there were eight locomotives and more than sixty rail cars both freight and passenger.


Märklin Railroad

4-6-6-2 steam locomotive


Märklin Railroad

Express train locomotive


Märklin Railroad

Atriculated electric locomotive 'Crocodile' Swiss Federal Railway


Märklin Railroad

Heavy steam locomotive


Märklin Railroad

Village street with rail line running nearby


Märklin Railroad

Heavy steam locomotive


Märklin Railroad

Locomotive maintenance facility with heavy lift crane


Märklin Railroad

Gravel quary with condolas being filled


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