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Layout Trackplan

(the new track plan)

Click image makes it larger

N scale Railroad

Track layout to the East.
(section to right of taped line is new)

      This is the expanded version or second building of my N scale railroad, The Kamloops Line. Pictures of the original layout can be seen on the Original Layout page.
      My original N scale layout was built with a 8 ft. by 2-1/2 ft. dimension plus a 4 ft. 'L' at the east end. The expanded layout is 15 ft. long. The 'L' extents 7 ft. across the end of the train room, a remodeled incubator room in an old chicken barn.


Track expansion

West side for Roundhouse and Farm
(section to left of taped line is new)


Wood Trestle

On a line headed into the Rockies

     A few other features which I built as a part of the expansion are shown in these pictures. As more details were added to the layout, I realezed that there was not enough control. The secondary control panel below is a new addition. The wood trestle crosses a canyon as the line climbs toward the Rocky mountains. The turntable allows me full use of the roundhouse and the ability to move locos to and from the main line.


Turntable at Roundhouse

Will expand Loco Maintenance Operations


New Control Panel

for train speed, ir detectors, grade crossing, traffic lights and more sound.

     Other features added in the expansion include operating traffic lights, flashing grade crossing lights with bell and IR detection, railroad signal indicators (that show colors in accordance with turnout position), and, farm equipment such as a new windmill, brass etched barbed wire fence and corral fencing to keep the live stock from wandering. Also, included in the new control panel is a Train Speed indicator. This has been very useful in programming my decoders for mulit-unit operation and setting a top scale speed. Besides, it's fun!


Mountain templates

Elevation contours will be built up on these templates so if necessary, they can be moved.


East High Country

Hills, mountain and tunnel will be built on the cardboard templates.


Cardboard web construction

This will be covered with plaster cloth, grass, trees, and painted rocks.


Plaster cloth work

This is where the mountains (hills) are being built, with a little log cabin tucked in a valley among the evergreens.


The little log cabin


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