Maiden Voyage at Hume Lake


Sandy Cove at Hume Lake

      Sandy Cove, at the Ten Mile Creek inlet on Hume Lake is a wonderful place to have a swim, relax on the beach under the shade of giant ponderosa pines or catch a feisty rainbow trout off the rocky point. Hume is located in the north section of the Sequoia National Forest in the Sierra Nevada mountains at an elevation of 5,300 feet. The road that passes Hume Lake continues down the mountains and into the spectacular Kings Canyon. The whole area is full of wonderous things to see. Careful, this is bear country.
      On our way to Hume we usually stop at Grant Grove, location of the magnificent giant sequoia trees - the largest trees in the world. Grant Grove is a tiny village with ranger station, gift shop, camp ground, restaurant and rustic log cabins that can be rented year round. In winter we rent skis from the store for some awe-inspiring cross-country skiing in the High Sierra. The scenery in summer is beautiful, in winter it is a wonderland. Ski trails start at 6800' and some climb to beyond 8000 feet. All this is in the Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Park. Our favorite camping place is, of course, in the National Forest at the edge of Hume Lake.


Author, out for a Paddle

      Our canoe floated. In fact, at its light 60 lbs. it was almost like a cork on the water, that is until we climbed in with all our gear including Rugby and Brownie. Then it settled down and paddled like a dream - good stability, comfortable, quiet and fast. While solo paddling from the bow seat with no gear she liked to turn a little too quicky. I put a couple of type IV PFDs on the bottom at the center under the yoke. I knelt on these and from this kneeling position was able to reach substantial speed and easily maintain a straight line of travel.
      The lake here, on the west, side is quite shallow with lots of bottom grasses. Being only yards from our campsite, it was ideal for launching. The east shore, as the lake widens toward the dam at the north end, is much more rocky. Some of the rocky ledges are above deep holes in the lake. This is where I like to sit as the sun rises over the mountain crest, or drift in my canoe on the still morning waters, fishing rod in hand and dip net at the ready.


David and Maya - A Day for a Cruise

      I and my family are not the only ones who enjoy the beauty, solitude and essence of Hume. Some folks make the 65 mile drive up the mountains from California's Central Valley for a day of fishing or relaxation. Early September is a very quiet time. At the south end of the lake is the "Hume Lake Christian Conference Center" where people from all denominations meet for workshops, teachings and conferences. The buildings and cabins seem to dissolve into the great stands of cedar, pine and sequoia. When we go there to visit their facilities, we paddle our canoe down the lake and pull up on a grassy knoll near the snack bar. Canoes and rowboats are available for rent and the grocery store and gift shop are open at convenient times. It is a pleasure to visit the "Center" and meet some of the friendly people there.
      This year we had the added pleasure of enjoying four new visitors to Hume Lake. Sasha (our daughter) and Dave with their 14 month young twins, Maya and David Jr. They certainly enjoyed it too - playing in the muddy cove, noticing the ducks and geese, and wading in the warm water of Sandy Cove. Sasha hiked and swam with Kate and Dave caught fish. Maya and David also handled the canoe, at the waters edge, with favor and style. I think they are hooked.

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