Sail Boats



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Thunderbird Sail Boat (19 cm. Long)
Santana Sail Boat (21cm. Long)

The Thunderbird Sailboat is built from the idea of the Thunderbird Sailing Sloop and is similar to the Clock Sail Boat. The difference being that the Sail Boat has carved curved sails. The shape of the sails suggests that the boat in close-hauled or beating to windward on either a starboard or port tack. The Sail Boat does not have a clock installed in the sail - purely a decorative piece.

The Santana Sail Boat is built from the idea of the Santana 22, a popular class sailing sloop at many marinas on the West Coast. The sail arrangement is similar to that of the Thunderbird Sail Boat. These boats are made of fir, pine, cedar, redwood, birch, maple and mahogany woods.

Either of these boats will make a nice desk, mantle or gift piece.

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