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Northern Light (Float Plane) (22 cm. Long)
Jet Airliner (24cm. Long)
Jet Airliner on Stand
Cubby (monoplane) 21 cm. long
Toy Airplane (23 cm. long)
Snoopy Bi-plane (21 cm. long)
Mustang P-51 (27 cm. long)
Raptor F-22 (25 cm. long)

Our grand children, Maya and David, both almost two, have taken a robust interest in airplanes. When an airplane flies close overhead they look up and point. "Pane, pane," they say. Even though, sometimes, it may only the contrail of a high flying jet. To encourage their interest, I built them a couple of toy airplanes, the same ones featured on this page. Except perhaps for their toy boats, these may be among their favorite play things - even with the modern marvels that share space in their toy box.

One thing led to another. I found myself building a few of my favorite airplanes. The Float Plane, Jet Airliner and yet one or two more may show up in my shop. Who knows?

Any of these airplanes will make a nice desk, mantle or gift piece. The "Cubby", "Biplane" and "Toyplane", for an aviation bound toddler with whom you might have the pleasure of their acquaintance.

For information on how you can buy one of my model Airplanes, please e-mail Larry for "OrderForm" or go to:

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